Win the battle and the war!

Some of the world's most beloved live poker tournaments have multiple starting days and you can play in a condensed online version of the same right here at The FTR Poker. 

FTR introduces its latest tournament, a multi-stage tournament that takes place this May. With a GTD of INR 1 crore for a buy-in of just INR 5,500! 

There are four starting days to this tournament and that's not all! You can increase your chances of making the money, by participating on all Day 1s and surviving them. 

In such a case, the player will compete with four individual stacks carried onto Day 2 (this will be merged at some point during the tournament).

So get ready to win the war against Indian poker's best only at FTR Poker's Battlefield!

Day 1A. Wednesday 15th May – 19:30

Day 1B. Thursday 16th May – 19:30

Day 1C Friday 17th May – 19:30

Day 1D: Saturday 18th May – 19:30

Day 2 will be a Multi-Entry just like the existing format. That means, if players qualify to day 2 from multiple day 1s, they will get multiple stacks to play with. 


If a player is successful in carry forwarding 2 or more stacks, they will be playing in separate tables through out the tournament, till a point, where the system, finds it almost impossible to seat them.

Almost because of the following reasons -
In a simple scenario - there are 4 tables of 10 seats each and Player A has 4 stacks, when the table busts and the player A still has his 4 stacks, his largest stack amongst the 4, will be merged with the smallest stack.

In a more complex scenario, wherein Player A has 4 stacks, and the tables left are 4, and in 1 of the table, Player A is sitting alone with a stack, his stack will be merged.

In saying that the system does not try to balance the table, till it is absolutely necessary.

In brief, players with 2 or more stacks, will not be merged till absolute necessary, and moreover it is not random at all.

Please also note that if you have 2 or more stacks, and are in the money, everytime you bust, you will be awarded with the place prize.

Terms & Conditions:

1) Players are permitted to buy-in on Day 1's only. A player cannot buy-in directly into Day 2.
2) Re-Entry possible on the same day (Day 1's) until Late Registration.
3) Players can play day 1A, 1B, 1C & 1D. If they qualify on all days, they shall play as multiple entries (under their same username) on Day 2.
4) If players survive on 1 or more starting days they will move on to Day 2 & they will play as individuals and if they get in the money, all qualifying entries are eligible for a prize.
5) Players moving to Day 2 will continue with the same stack's of their respective Day 1's. Tournament blinds on Day 2 will begin from where they ended on Day 1's
6) In case of players having multiple entries, their individual stacks will be merged into a single stack at any point on Day 2 whenever stacks are assigned to the same table. At this point, the player will continue only with this merged single stack.
7) For additional Terms and Conditions please refer

Terms & Conditions for Free Tickets:

Want a free entry to Battlefield Day 1C and 1D?

1) Deposit 20K using code "ONEC" to get a free entry to Battlefield Day 1C &
2) Deposit 20K Using Code "ONED" to get a free entry to Battlefield Day 1D
3) Deposit 35K using code "CDONE" to get a free entry to Battlefield Day 1C & Day 1D