Triple Bubble

If you aren't familiar with the term 'Bubble' - it is that point in the tournament when the next person out does not win any cash or prize money that the tournament guarantees.  While you may not be familiar with the term 'Bubble', we're certain that you're familiar with FTR Poker's innovation and aim to provide maximum return to their players. For this very reason, we have curated the Triple Bubble tournament. Already sounds exciting right? Well, you have absolutely every reason to be!

Here are the basics - the Triple Bubble tournament is scheduled for 9 PM every Friday and guarantees an incredible amount of 9 Lakhs! With a buy-in of just 3,300 - this tournament is definitely going to provide incredible value to your investment.

Now, let's get to the exciting part, the tournament is slated to be a part of the Hot Tournament Leaderboard - that means you could secure your points and go up the ladder at the HTL.

That's not all, the player to be in the Money Bubble gets an opportunity to win back their money - that would mean your buy-in amount will be refunded to you! The player who is placed in the Final Table Bubble wins a ticket to the most sought-after poker tournament - The Millionaire. And last but not the least, the player to finish 2nd gets a ticket to two of the most high-value tournaments - The Millionaire and 2.o.K!

Just to sum things up:

♦ Money Bubble - Player wins back their buy-in amount (1st Buy-in amount Rs.3,300).

♦ Final Table Bubble - Player wins a ticket to The Millionaire

♦ 2nd Place - Player wins tickets to two high-value tournaments, The Millionaire and 2.o.K.

So get ready for triple the excitement, every Friday at 9.00 PM at the Triple Bubble tournament hosted only at FTR Poker.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The money bubble will get the buy-in back  (1st Buy-in amount Rs.3,300), in next 48 hours.

2. The final table bubble player will get a ticket to the next Millionaire in next 48 hours.

3. The second place finisher will get a ticket to Two of a Kind and The Millionaire in next 48 hours.

4. Triple Bubble tournament is a part of Hot Tournament Leaderboard.

5. Triple Bubble winner must provide their images, video, and interview for media bytes.

6. In case of any disputes, FTR Poker's decision is final and binding. FTR Poker reserves the rights to amend or cancel any tournaments or satellites without giving prior notice.