How To Not Suck At Poker: Stop Bluffing

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If you have read our previous article on bluffing, this is by and large the same, there is no straight answer to whether you should stop bluffing or you must bluff to win a poker game. While some say that poker can be won without bluffing there are several others of the opposite opinion. In poker, bluffing is just a strategy you can choose to use or find other ways of winning the game, but sometimes bluffing through your game can be your only option. When you bluff your sole aim is to see if you can convince the other player that you have a hand stronger than theirs. This concept is difficult and needs the practice to use it correctly.

Be careful when you play real money poker and do not know how to bluff properly. This could cost you more money than you put in or own overall. If your bluff goes sideways you lose a lot more than just a game. The various types of bluffs can be read about below.

A stone-cold bluff for starters is a bluff where if a player calls your bet or raise then there is very little room for you to improve your hands. Next is a semi-bluff which is during the game with a less optimal hand but one that has chances of improving later on during the showdown. Semi-bluffing’s goal is to make sure your opponent folds. The pure bluff is the one where you do not have a strong enough hand to play and there is no draw, the only chance you have is to bet and watch your opponent fold. The next type is the continuation bet where you raised and were called before the flop, during this bet you keep the aggression up whether or not your cards hold up.

While these are the types of bluffs used in poker, the important thing to remember is when to use them. Timing with bluffs is of utmost importance, never bluff too much. Too much is too bad for everything and this is what you will understand once you learn how to bluff when you bluff very often then there are chances that you will be caught. Never bluff too big, as a beginner you will have the enthusiasm of using this technique to win faster but there are no shortcuts to this, you should bluff small and make it count.

Bluff earlier on in the game, when you play poker India you will have reference guides on the website to briefly tell you when to bluff. This is what you need to bear in mind. When you bluff always maintain an image, this is important, if you are not the serious player at the table then it will easier for opponents to call you. It will also work to your advantage if you have a loose image towards the game, this will mean that you can get your opponents to fold anytime you want. Do not make the mistake of bluffing against the players that are new to the game, they are desperate to make a three of a kind, or somehow make their cards work which will be because they are going to be constantly calling you. If you intend to use all these tips and tricks for bluffing then use them in freeroll poker tournaments where you have the chance to play and lose nothing.

Lastly, bluffing is the trickiest strategy in the book and this point has been said a number of times, hence, you should be careful about letting fear get the better of you. Fear holds you back from following through which makes you a target for the rest of the players. Before you use this strategy make sure to think properly and keep in mind factors like bet size and see if your bluff will be a profitable one. In general, bluffing is a good thing for poker and do not be scared of this strategy. If used correctly you could stand to win the pot. Just download poker game and play when all you want.


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