How to Win Freeroll Poker Tournaments?

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Freerolls are a simple way to practice your poker strategies and play games without losing a lot in return. Poker in India has become a relatively common concept and you can find several websites that will help you sign up. You can sign up for poker freerolls on any website you wish to and practice how much ever you want to. With freerolls the advantage is that you do not have to pitch in to play, you can start playing without money and stand to win the pot at the end of the game.

Freerolls have been written about and played. If you are a poker player then you will know what freerolls are, but let us take a minute in describing what exactly a freeroll means. A freeroll is of two types, players can either split the pot or win it and the second is a freeroll poker tournament without a fee. It is not always necessary that you get to sit at a table free even in freerolls, on some tables you need to pay a little amount to sit especially if it is a tourney. In a freeroll, you will find yourself seated at a table where there is an assortment of players. Some of them are newcomers while others may be a little experienced.

Playing freerolls has some advantages like:

1. Playing helps you build a bankroll because you can climb the ladder without having to pay for anything.

2. These games are free opportunities if you want to gain some experience as this is difficult over a table.

3. By and large, these games are fun. There is no risk of losing anything and learn a lot in the process.

Given the fact that you see a lot of new players at the table, you get to learn a lot from the others and slowly and steadily get used to it. You can play freeroll on a lot of best poker sites in India. Now let us look at a few strategies that can help you in winning poker games.

1. Your first hands count. In freerolls especially you must learn how to play tighter in the first hands. This helps in masking the hands you hold and helping other players to fold.

2. A lot of people tend to go all-in in freeroll pretty early on. Do not fall into this and avoid it as this will affect your game later on. When players usually go all-in they end up on tilt later on and tend to make rash decisions.

3. Keep your game simple and avoid any fancy play. It is possible that you could be sitting opposite a player who hardly knows poker and you will be wasting your fancy moves on them.

4. The mid-strategy is when most people drop out of the game as they can see the money in sites and get excited.

When you learn how to play all the basic strategies of poker and decide to play real money poker you will learn a lot of other strategies. 


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