Myths about Texas Hold’em Poker online

Myths about Texas Hold’em Poker online FTRPoker
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Poker might just be one of the most misunderstood games, especially in India. A few Poker players themselves believe in myths that surround this game. Following are some of those myths that surround Texas Hold’em Poker.

It’s all about “luck”

No, not true. Poker is a game of expertise and skills that are developed with a lot of practice and experience. Although luck might play a part now and then, the game does not entirely depend on it.

Playing Poker is illegal

As much as everyone assumes, Poker is most definitely not “illegal” in India and is safe to play online.

Can’t win constantly in Poker

Poker, the game is all about strategy and a player with expertise and experience knows it. A professional player knows that through good strategy, you have higher chances of winning.

Need to know Math well

This is a big misconception faced by a lot. All you need to have is basic math knowledge to play or fold.

Bluffing is inessential in Poker

You can win with a strong hand but if you can win with a weak hand, you’re a genius player. And to play with a weak hand, you need to use bluff as one of your tricks. Know that bluffing is a technique that not many players can master.


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