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According to sources India’s poker industry is worth $120 million and increasing every year. Each week there are thousands of people who sign up on the various websites online and begin their journey of playing poker. The game of poker has several variations and players can choose to play more than one variation. Though it looks easy to learn, any variation in poker requires a level of practice, patience, and intelligence to play.

As novice players you must read everything you find online before you start playing. It is important to learn the game well and follow the many poker tips online written for your convenience. Grasp as much as you can and try to stick to the rules, it is important. As amateurs you should also know that poker can get addictive but you need to have the will strong enough to leave when needed. Through this article we aim to list out a few such tips that will help you in the right direction as a young player.

  1. Starting hands are important as they form the base of your whole game. Hence, be selective of the hands you play in the first couple of rounds. To understand this further you can refer to the starting hands selection guide on the website of your choice.
  2. Bluffing is not easy and needs practice. So, if you are not sure of your play then do not bluff as you could get called. A lot of novice players make this mistake and end up losing the game.
  3. Know your positions at the table and how they can/cannot be helpful. If you are waiting in line to play then do not choose a table where the seats are right next to the dealer. In poker, positions at a table will matter for strategizing.
  4. Try playing against bad players a lot. These tables are the ones that are the juiciest.
  5. This tip is important and you must follow it. Always play within your bankroll, if you cannot afford a certain hand then the smart thing to do will be to fold. The more you overshoot your bankroll the more you are likely to get into trouble.

Therefore, these few tips for you as a young player will be helpful in the long run and when you play the Indian poker championship. The IPC is the biggest tournament to happen in India and the one that every poker player looks forward to.


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