What is Cold Calling in Poker?

Poker Cold Calling
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Learning poker jargons before you start playing is vital. If you do not understand terms that are commonly used in the game you will never be able to play right. It is tricky at first to understand all the terminology but once you understand it the game becomes easier to play.

When you download poker and begin playing, the first thing you will see is a bet, then a raise/call, then a re-raise, and then a cold call. The action of calling on multiple bets by a player is called a Cold-Call. Confusing? Let us give you an example, if there are four players at a table – W, X, Y, and Z. If W bets, X raises, Y re-raises, and Z calls, the call raised by Z will be referred to as a cold call. This is where Z will call both the raises made. This call is usually made by a player who has not yet invested in the pot.

It will take practice and patience to learn all these jargons but they are vital and the basic requirements. Do not treat poker lightly or as any other game, it needs a lot more than just learning, you can relate poker to your life. Furthermore, let us see the various pros and cons of cold-calling.

  1. Cold call helps you in keeping a discreet hand. Though this comes with the risk of leading to a big flop, you have to be careful if you have a strong hand.
  2. It is a good option if there are aggressive players at the table. Read the players to anticipate a win with this style.
  3. Cold calling will only be beneficial if there are no three-better behind you. if there are then that could put you in a difficult position.

Finally, when you play real poker online on any website you will need these terminologies to understand the game. Read and learn as much as you can before you start playing for real money as in Poker tournaments there are no second chances. A decision you make for one round will determine the rest of your game.


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