Why Shouldn't You Slow Play in Poker?

Poker Slow Play
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The journey of poker is an extremely time-consuming one. There is so much to learn and so many hours of practice demanded. Every poker player who has made it big has followed a routine, discipline, and strategies. Though you could safely say that poker is hardly a game of routine. Every game in poker is different than the last and depending on your players you need to be able to decide whether or not this game is for you.

Furthermore, these days we find a lot of people turning towards playing poker online. It is a game that is understood quite well and is easy to play online. But similar to everything there are also rules and regulations to playing poker. Lots of planning and honing your skills is required. Texas Holdem online game is one of the most frequently played poker variations. Around the world through thousands of competitions Texas Holdem is the game played. While, there are some game specific strategies played by players, there are also moves like the slow play.

What is slow play? Slow playing in poker is referred to the strategy where you hold back your strong cards and play passively. This creates a deceptive play where it creates an image of you holding a weak hand and lures other players who were going to fold to raise or bet. These are the basic tenets of slow playing. If executed well, slow play can always help you win the pot.

Let us now look at why you shouldn’t slow play in poker:

  1. Slow playing against players who tend to fold a lot or play few hands is not a good idea usually. Once the flop has been dealt and you have tight and passive players sitting at the table, it does not make sense to lure these players as you will stand to lose the pot money rather than them.
  2. Never slow roll on a wet table. When you wait for five community cards to dealt and the possibility of others being able to make a better hand increase, it does not make any sense in slow rolling as you stand a bigger chance of losing/sharing the pot.

In conclusion, these are just a few tips you can use to understand why you should not slow roll a lot in poker. Once you have mastered the art of slow rolling, you can play millionaire poker and win big pot sums.


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