Why You Should Not Bluff Too Much in Poker?

Poker Tips
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It is a risky move but if played right then it can make you a successful poker player. Bluffing is an integral part of playing poker and you need to learn how to do it right. But not everybody knows how to use bluff as a strategy, if you are still an amateur it is time you learn it right. There are a lot of other factors that go around in Poker and you need to keep them all in mind.

Online poker games are plenty and there are several websites that offer a range of variations. Research properly before you sign onto any website to play. Bluffing in poker needs to be done at the right time, the biggest risk you can take while bluffing is to get your opponent to believe you. If you read online there are plenty of articles you will find about tips on bluffing. The first and foremost tip will be to never bluff from early in your position at the table. Position at the table matters and if you are seated in a late position then the chances of your bluff working are great. The second, is when you bluff stone-cold or pure, this is when you bet or raise the odds on a weaker hand. The player who decides to go with this only stick to a pure bluff when he knows he can win the pot and all the other players on the table will fold.

When a player bluff infrequently then it means that he/she is value-betting and in the event of players actually bluffing this strategy helps them hide their hands better. It creates a faux vision of the player playing legitimate hands.

But all this does not quite answer why you shouldn’t use this strategy too much. Well, that is because the answer is quite simple, if you bluff too much chances of you getting caught are also too much. Bluffing is a smart strategy, this does not mean that every other strategy should be undermined but this is a risky one that should be played only after a lot of practice.

Finally, the one effective way to understand and practice your bluff strategies is with online poker freerolls. This variation is just a great way to practice and play without losing anything.


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