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With Live Poker restricted to only a certain locations in the country, how does a poker enthusiast enjoy his favourite mind sport without the hassle of travelling across the country? Is that the only question one has or are there more? Like - Is poker legal in India? Can one play poker with real money? Will depositing money on any poker site in India lead to trouble? Is the sport legalized?

These are few of the questions that are constantly looming over a poker player's mind. And ftrpoker is the answer to all of them. Yes! ftrpoker is one of the only legal poker sites in India, where a player can enjoy his favourite mind sport and play some risk free online poker.

That's not all, we've made playing online poker even more convenient. How do you ask?

Well, just download our poker software on any device - mobile/desktop, and once you create your online poker account and get to the deposit part, we've integrated the few of the best and top local payment solutions to provide hassle free deposit solutions and an easier withdrawal process.

ftrpoker provides a number of methods/options for a player to deposit or withdraw money. In case of doubts or if any clarifications are required, kindly send us an email at [email protected] and our team will get in touch with you to provide the assistance required.

A number of poker players in India either hesitate or are unwilling to play online poker with real money, as they consider it to involve a lot of legal and tax problems. Well, that may be the case everywhere else but not at ftrpoker.

We go one step ahead to ensure that our players and users receive that extra bit of security, so that they can focus more on their game and their winnings.


The Best Online Poker Experience

Playing online poker with real money is now the real deal! There isn't a more satisfying feeling than that of winning money by using your skills playing online poker with real money and then seeing that money being credited into your bank account. We understand that this satisfactory feeling is of utmost importance and that's exactly why we have a team of specialists working round the clock to perform all the required checks and provide the necessary approvals for your real money withdrawals.

Playing at ftrpoker has a number of benefits. With a dependable and skilled Customer Support, we ensure that you are always aware of the status of your poker account, whether it is deposit related information, withdrawal related information or regarding bonuses. For players who have achieved a level "Silver" or above status of our VIP Program, our Game Promotions team can design exclusive promotions and even set up private tournaments upon requests

So, play the game for the fun, the thrill and of course for those money bills. So get ready for the rise and we'll see you at the tables!


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