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Expired Promotion
Game of Tickets

Here is an opportunity to cash in to IOPC with the ‘Game of Tickets’. Players can win free tickets to India’s biggest online poker championship – the IOPC!
Starting from 1st of July, Game of Tickets gives players a chance to win a ticket to events like - IOPC The Millionaire United, IOPC The Millionaire Legends, IOPC Highroller, IOPC Super Highroller, and of course to IOPC Main Event The Crown.

How to get free tickets to IOPC?
It’s simple; just play on the Cash Tables at FTR Poker. The higher the stakes you play, the more your chances of winning a free ticket to an event at the IOPC. And guess what? All stakes are eligible for the Game of Tickets.

What are you waiting for? Head over to FTR Poker and cash in to the IOPC!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Players can win multiple tickets for tournaments.

2. No Deposit is needed for this promotion.

3. Post flop hands with Min 3 active players will be eligible.

4. Extra tickets can be used for Re-entry for the specific tournament.

5. Player are required to Opt-In using the relevant codes to avail respective tickets for tournaments

6. Hands will be counted towards the specific tournament of which Promo code was used.

7. Hands played at specific stakes cannot be merged amongst other stakes.

8. Hands played for one tournament cannot be used for other tournaments.

  • For e.g. A Player uses codes “IOPCUTD” & plays 500 hands at 25/50 stakes, he should complete his target of required hands-on 25/50 before he Opt-in for another promotion.

9. Players can switch tournaments at any time. If they switchback, the number of hands played earlier will still be available for the player to continue.

  • Player is currently in “IOPCUTD” & has played 500 hands on 25/50
  • Player wishes to play 50/100 & uses code “THECROWN”
  • After achieving the target, player can use code “IOPCUTD” & will continue with 500 hands played previously.

10. The Game Of Tickets for each tournament will be valid till 1 hour after the tournament begins 

  • For e.g. If Millionaire United starts at 6 pm on 10th July, the GOT for Millionaire United will end at 7 pm on 10th July 2020.

11. In case of any disputes, FTR Poker's decision is final and binding

12. For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer to Legal terms and conditions.