Poker VIP Rewards

Being a part of the VIP club has several advantages at Being a part of this club means you receive more benefits than our normal real money players. We have made sure that every real money player will want to be a part of our VIP program as it offers a lot of value with big money tournaments and hassle free transactions as the main features.

Depending on your level in our VIP Program your benefits will be unlocked. When you reach the highest level, you will have the maximum benefits. If you are a regular real money player at, then it won't take you too long to reach the top as we have set up our VIP program with a view to reward players according to the frequency with which they play real money online poker games and tournaments on

Type of VIP Rewards

Some of the benefits you stand to receive as a VIP member are:

Type of VIP Rewards
Exclusive daily, weekly and monthly freerolls: We have special free-rolls organized for a selected few. As a VIP player, you will have access to these limited free-rolls. Your VIP level will decide how many such events you will have access to, so the higher up on your VIP ladder you are, the more you get to play!
VIP Tournament: We understand your love for the game, and being a VIP player, we believe you should get the opportunity to play to your heart's fill. That is why we have various VIP tournaments organized exclusively for our VIP players.
Higher depositing and withdrawal limits: Monetary benefits are not just satisfying but also enticing, and what could be better than having the ability to spend what you have won? We understand this and so offer higher depositing and withdrawal limits as you step-up your VIP levels.
Unlimited withdrawals: We know how much our players enjoy playing at and one way of knowing that is the VIP level they are playing at. To show our appreciation for this valued association, we allow higher withdrawal limits to our players at higher levels.
Private Tournaments: It's great to play and win in strangers, but at times it is more enjoyable when done in a close group of friends or associates. We understand this and therefore allow our VIP to have their own private tournament. Depending on your VIP level, you can have private tables and tournaments.
Special weekly and monthly promotions: To add to the excitement, we have different short term promotions and offers on a weekly and monthly basis with attractive rewards sensitive to your VIP level. So higher is your VIP level the more benefits you reap from your game.

The VIP rewards at keep improving as you move up the levels of our VIP program. We hope you have a great time playing on our site like we love hosting you.


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