Bad Beat Jackpot
Who likes to take a bad beat? Nobody of course!  But you may feel differently if you end up winning our Bad Beat Jackpot. Yes, you heard it right!  You win if you lose to a Bad beat!
Terms and Conditions for the Bad Beat Jackpot
The bad beat must occur at the BBJ tables in No lImit Holdem
The losing hand must be at least Quad 8’s and the winning hand must be at least Quad 9’s.
Winning cards must include both the hole cards.
At least two players must be playing till the end and the hand must go to a showdown.
If more than one hand qualifies for the jackpot at the same table, then the highest two hands will be considered, with the higher hand winning the pot and the second higher hand winning the jackpot.
If more than one table sees a bad beat take place, then the table where the hand was dealt first according to the server time will win the jackpot.
Players who are sitting out are not eligible for the jackpot.