Bad Beat Jackpot

Bust The BBJ

Cracking the bad beat jackpot made EASIER from 15th to 29th April! Its never been more rewarding to lose on a good hand!

Amount :INR 45,00,000+ in Bad Beat Jackpots to be won! Get rewarded over 3 categories of BBJ Tables: Silver, Gold and Bronze!

BBJ Hot Zone Payout Structure:

  • Bad Beat Hand – 30%
  • Winning Hand – 15%
  • Rest of Players in Hand – 10%
  • Other Players (This sum will be divided equally amongst players playing on other tables of this BBJ) – 15%
  • House Revenue – 10%
  • Leave in Jackpot (for next BBJ) – 20%

 Hot Zones Periods :

  • Hot Zone :15 to 19 April – Lose with full house (Aces Full/AAA**) or a better hand to crack the BBJ!
  • Fiery Zone : 20 to 24 April – Lose with full house (Kings Full/KKK**) or a better hand to crack the BBJ!
  • Lava Zone : 25 to 29 April – Lose with full house (Queens Full/QQQ**) or a better hand to crack the BBJ!

 Terms and Conditions:

    1) Players will be only awarded BBJ when playing on the BBJ tables

    2) This promotions is only for NLH BBJ tables

    3) For the BBJ to be Cracked, both hole cards must be used to make the losing hand

    4) Only tables marked Silver, Gold & Bronze would be eligible for the Jackpot

    5) 20% of the jackpot amount would be carried forward to the next jackpot.

    6) For Additional Terms & Conditions please referClick Here