The Poker Trip

Destination : Las Vegas

You aren’t a true poker player if you haven’t dreamt of going to Vegas for the biggest live tournament series in the World. FTR Poker has always aimed at keeping the interests of its players at the forefront, and with ‘The Poker Trip’ we plan to make your dreams come true and send you along with an Indian contingent to Vegas. A chance of a lifetime, all you must do is Opt-in with the Code “VEGAS” and generate the LBP points to avail different levels of the Vegas Package ,that would include your Stay + Flight + Bankroll*, what else do you need? Ask and you shall receive.

So follow the Steps to OPT-IN below and get rollin’ :

Login using below link —► Click My Account –► Then click on Deposit Now tab –► Click on Promotional Program –► Enter the Code.

Click to enter Code

Check out the most exciting packages to be won:

How to Redeem?

  1. The player needs to send an email on “[email protected]” for the redemption of the package.
  2. Player is eligible to claim multiple levels. For e.g.; Player has 85,000 LBP’s, he/she will be rewarded with the package of Level 2 and Level 1.
  3. Support will check if leader board points generated are as per request.
  4. Leader board Points will be removed & Player will be acknowledged of the prize.
  5. If the player does not want to travel or would like to make their own bookings, the value of the package will be transferred to the player account in Cash Chips.
  6. Players need to provide all the relevant documents for travel arrangements.
  7. All packages can be redeemed anytime upto  10th April 2019.

Terms & Conditions

1. Opt-In Code – “Vegas”

2. Players can be either be a part of Vegas Promo or FTR Rewards Plus, not both

3. Players can Opt-out of Vegas Promo by using code: VegasOut

4. Players can Opt-in & Out of the promo as many times they want.

5. Opting out of Vegas Promo will not automatically include player in FTR Rewards Plus, Player will have to Opt-In following the process for Rewards Plus

6. Flight & Hotel package amount will be credited in players FTR's Account.

7. Bankroll will be given to player in form of CHP in his FTR Poker/FTR Poker Account

8. Winners will be provided with FTR Poker branded merchandise which is required to be worn by the player while playing tournaments in Las Vegas

9. All winners agree to provide images, audio, interviews etc as required by our media partners.

10.Players will only earn comp points Only from Poker Cash Games. VIP Points will not be rewarded for Tournaments, Open Face Chinese Poker, Windfall, Sit N Go, Rummy games, Texas 6+, etc

For Additional Terms & Conditions Click here