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Cash out Process policy

Q: What is the cash out policy and process?

A: The minimum cash out amount is INR 100. There is no restriction on the maximum amount and number of cash outs. For all cash outs, player must submit a scan copy of their PAN card.

From Monday - Friday: Your cash out is processed on the working day if the request is placed before 4pm. Cash out request received after 4pm will be processed on the next business day
On Saturday: Your cash out is processed on the working day if the request is placed before 3pm. Cash out request received after 3pm will be processed on the next business day

Please note: We do not process cash out request on Sunday's. Any request received on Sunday will be processed on next working day. Also, being a bank holiday on 2nd and 4th Saturday, cash out request will be processed on next working day

Cash out Process documents

Q: What are the documents required for cash out reversed by bank?

A: If the cash out is reversed by your bank due to incorrect IFSC/Account number etc. We request you to share a cancelled cheque of your account with your name printed on it for the team to process the cash out.
We request you to share stamped passbook first page
Net banking screenshot once your login on your desktop/Laptop with the bank URL with the below mentioned bank details.

Details required: Bank name, bank account number, full name, IFSC code
In absence of all the above-mentioned documents, we request you to share the same documents as mentioned above for another bank account in your name. Kindly share the reason for the change in the bank name and bank details
Once the documents are verified, the cash out will be processed by the concerned team

Cash out Processing time

Q: How much time does it take for cash out?

A: All cash outs are processed within 24 working hours

Cash out Process

Q: What details are verified with the PAN to be shared?

A: The PAN card should include your full name, date of birth and signature for verification purpose

Cash out denied MI

Q: Can I create more than one user id on The FTR Poker?

A: Creating multiple accounts on is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We expect our players to be honest and respect our principles of not creating multiple accounts on The FTR Poker.
Creating multiple accounts may lead to locking of both the accounts. Similar instances will lead to blocking of accounts for life time.

Cash out denied

Q: Why is my cash out denied?

A: Cash out request can be denied due to reasons mentioned below:

  1. Incomplete profile information
    Cash out will be denied if your FTR account has incomplete profile information. To complete your profile, you need to send a copy of your PAN card on [email protected] from your registered email id.
  2. Incorrect/ mismatch details with FTR account information.
    Incorrect name, Pan card, Bank account, IFSC code etc. may also lead to denial for cash out request. Mismatch details may also lead to cash out denial. The PAN card details should match with the bank account details of the same person who has requested for the cash out
  3. Collusion
    Collusion is when two or more people sitting at a table are working together to win more money from other players.
  4. Chip dumping
    Transferring chips/funds to some other account while playing on one table can also deny your cash out request.
  5. Denial because of the PROMO code used
    While depositing an amount using the PROMO codes one must read all the terms and conditions. Cash out being denied because of the PROMO codes is because of lack
  6. Clause
    This clause states that immediate deposit and immediate withdrawal on The FTR is not allowed. This may also be one of the reasons for cash out denial.
    Player must play certain number of hands and for every 1000 withdrawal needs to generate 5 VIP points for the amount to withdraw
    If the player does not wish to play and wants to withdraw: -
    1st Instance: 4% deduction on deposited amount
    2nd Instance: 10% deduction on deposited amount etc for many more instances
  7. Wallet Account
    We do not process cash out request in Wallet accounts i.e. Paytm account, Airtel accounts etc.
    We request you to kindly upload nationalised bank account details to process your cash outs.

Please Note: We request our players to send the copy of his/her PAN card if he/she is requesting for cash out for the 1st time. Once the confirmation mail is received from our end, you may then he/she can place cash out request. This is to avoid cash out request being denied for the 1st instance.

Min & Max cash out

Q: What is the minimum & maximum amount I can withdraw?

A: The minimum amount you can withdraw is INR 100 and maximum no limit

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