FTR Reward Plus

What's it all about

Players need to use the code 'REWARDS' to opt-in. Every player will be eligible for this promotion only from the time the codes are used.

Steps to OPT-IN:

Login using below link —► Click My Account –► Then click on Deposit Now tab –► Click on Promotional Program –► Enter the Code.

Click to enter Code

We know how much you love playing on FTR & we love giving that love back to you! We also like to take it up a notch each time and make your experience and returns bigger. Keeping that in mind we bring to you the revolutionary FTR Rewards Plus , a rakeback program that gives you upto 40% returns DAILY IN CASH! It’s time for you to go big & start grinding on the tables with instant returns! OPT IN NOW Use code : REWARDS in the promotional program section.

Any queries regarding FTR Rewards can be sent to [email protected] & we will be glad to answer them.

Terms & Conditions

    1.Only VIP Points generated in session which end before 5:29 AM will be considered for that day’s rewards.

    2.Rewards will be paid out in cash chips & does not have any additional withdrawal criteria

    3.Rewards will be auto credited to player accounts between 5:30 to 6:30 AM

    4.Only players that opts-in using code “REWARDS” will be eligible for this promotion from the time they Opt-In.

    5. Players can either be a part of FTR Rewards Plus or Vegas Promotion, not both.

    6. If a player uses "REWARDS", he will be automatically opted out of "VEGAS".

    7.A player opted in once with the code “REWARDS”, will be a part of FTR Rewards Plus promotion till 31st March 2019.

    8.TDS will be applicable on cashouts as per government tax policy

    9.This promotion will be valid from 1st Jan to 31st March 2019

    10.After 1st Jan 2019 players will be unable to exchange VIP Points for BM, Cash or Tournament Buy-in

    11.All Player levels will earn comp points at the same rate 1 VIP Point = INR 20 Rake

    12.Players will only earn comp points from Poker Cash Games, VIP Points will no longer be rewarded for Tournaments, Open Face Chinese Poker, Windfall, Sit N Go & Rummy games.

    For Additional Terms & Conditions Click here

  1. Examples for cash back:
    1. Player earns 700 VIP Points in a day, he will get INR 3,500 cash back. (Calculation: 700 VIP points = 14,000 Rake; 14,000 X 25% = 3,500)
    2. Players earns 20 VIP Points in a day, he gets 0 rake cash back.
    3. Player earns 12,500 VIP Points in a day, he will get INR 75,000 cash back. (Calculation: 12,500 VIP points = 250,000 Rake; 250,000 X 30% = 75,000)