Little Big Series:

FTR Poker has bought something new to the table every time it introduces a tournament or event. Whether it is hosting Indian Online Poker Championship or organizing a high-value tournament, FTR Poker has always startled its players with its unique gaming experience. After the enthralling SSS Tournament Series, FTR Poker is back with 'Little Big Series' yet another exciting series to reward its players in the best way possible. Yes, you heard it right, Little Big Series is back, this time with exciting new formats. Offering big rewards with little investments, Little Big Series is a 5 days series that starts from 22nd April to 27th April. With buy-in as small as Rs.55, you can reap huge rewards in this series. The winner of the leaderboard will be awarded a OnePlus 6T Mobile phone. So come April to Buy Small and Win Big with the tantalizing Little Big Series. 

Terms & Conditions:

1. All GTD prizes will be paid out in chips. These will be converted to real cash upon submission of withdrawal request by the player.

2. In case of any dispute, The FTR Poker will have the final binding decision. FTR Poker reserve the right to amend or cancel any tournaments without giving prior notice.

3. For Additional Terms & Conditions, Click Here