Pineapple Express

Our version of Pineapple Express is not going to be the roller coaster which Seth Rogen and James Franco went through in the cult movie - Pineapple Express. For them it was all about how hard the Pineapple Express would hit them, all YOU need to do is to focus on playing OFC Cash Games (Rs. 10 point & above) and OFC Tournaments to win the Pineapple Express Leaderboard. Top 7 players accumulating most number of leaderboard points between 15th to 31st March 2019 win from a share of Rs.1,00,000!

How are Leaderboard points accumulated?

- 5 Leaderboard point for every 5 hands played on OFC cash tables (Rs 10 point & above)

- 3 Leaderboard point for every 3 OFC tournaments you play

Please find below the Payout Table:

Terms and Conditions:

1. For OFC cash games, Leaderboard points will be earned only by playing games with Rs 10 point and above.

2. For OFC cash games, Leaderboard points will not be awarded if all players in the hand bust.

3. For OFC tournaments, 3 Leaderboard point will be earned for every 3 tournaments(+Re Entries) played

4. Playing the OFC freeroll will not earn you any Leaderboard points

5. Contest will start at 15th March 5:30 AM & End at 1st April 5:30 AM

6. Only sessions that end between these times will be considered for leaderboard points

7. All payouts for the Pineapple Express – OFC leaderboard will be credited as Bonus Money (BM).

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